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RNase AWAY® and DNA AWAY™ Surface Decontaminants, Molecular BioProducts

Supplier: Thermo Scientific
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RNase AWAY® eliminates RNase and DNA from laboratory surfaces. The surface decontaminant is ideal for decontaminating apparatus, benchtops, glassware, and plastic ware. The decontaminant leaves no residue to interfere with gel polymerization or staining and contains no strong acids.

DNA AWAY™ decontaminant is ideal for removing DNase and DNA contamination.

Note: Should not be used as a reagent.


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Packaging Description Size Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
Squeeze Bottle RNase AWAY® 250 mL 7000 E-3070-1 Case of 12 (250 ml) Retrieving Restricted
BX-E-3070-1 Each(250ml) Retrieving Restricted
Spray Bottle RNase AWAY® 475 mL 7002 E-3070-4 Case of 6 (475 ml) Retrieving Restricted
BX-E-3070-4 Each(475ml) Retrieving Restricted
Refill Bottle RNase AWAY® 1 L 7003 E-3070-2 Case of 5 (1 l) Retrieving Restricted
BX-E-3070-2 Each(1l) Retrieving Restricted
Refill Bottle RNase AWAY® 4 L 7005-11 E-3070-3 Case of 4 (4 l) Retrieving Restricted
BX-E-3070-3 Each(4l) Retrieving Restricted
Canister RNase AWAY® 25 Wipes 7006 E-3070-6 Case of 300 Retrieving Restricted
BX-E-3070-6 Pack of 25 Retrieving Restricted
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