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GeneMate LE and LE Quick Dissolve Agarose

Supplier: GeneMate
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  • DNA/RNA Separation, 1 Kb
  • Analytical Electrophoresis
  • Excellent for All Blotting Applications
  • Excellent for DNA Typing
  • Exceptionally Low Background of Staining Agents
  • Protein Electrophoresis Such as Radial Immunodiffusion
GeneMate LE is our most popular agarose and is formulated specifically for analysis of nucleic acids using standard electrophoretic techniques. GeneMate LE features a low EEO value for high electrophoresis mobility. Further, you can depend on reproducible results from one lot to the next. GeneMate LE Quick Dissolve: Our best-selling agarose now comes in a new texture with a faster dissolving time than our standard GeneMate LE. GeneMate LE Quick Dissolve is ideal for routine DNA analysis with the same dependable features as our standard GeneMate LE agarose. Extraordinary mechanical resistance for reliable and easier handling. Possibility of varying pore size in accordance with particle size by modifying the gel concentration. Easy preparation of the gel by simple dissolution in aqueous buffers: standard boiling or microwave prep. Exceptionally low absorption of staining agents. Absence of toxicity, excellent transparency of the gels and greater thermal stability.
Moisture: 7%
Ash: 0.4%
EEO: 0.05-0.13
Sulfate: 0.14%
Clarity (Np): 40
Gel strength (1.0)%: 1200g/cm
Gel strength (1.5%): 2500g/cm
Gelling temperature: 361.5°C
Melting temperature: 881.5°C
DNase/RNase activity: None detected
DNA resolution 1000 bp: Finely resolved
Gel background: Very low


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Description Size Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
GeneMate LE Quick Dissolve Agarose 125 g   BX-E-3119-125 Each (125g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Quick Dissolve Agarose 25 g   BX-E-3119-25 Each (25g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Quick Dissolve Agarose 500 g   E-3119-500 Each (500g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Agarose 125 g   BX-E-3120-125 Each (125g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Agarose 25 g   BX-E-3120-25 Each (25g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Agarose 500 g   E-3120-500 Each (500g) Retrieving
GeneMate LE Agarose 500 g   E-3120-500FG Each (500g) Retrieving
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