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Mo Bio Laboratories Bead Tube Kits


Simply put sample in the appropriate Bead Tube and place in any Bead Beating Machine. Samples will be homogenized completely without the use of a mortar and pestle or homogenizer. No cleaning is required and the chance of cross-contaminating samples is eliminated.

The Bead Tube Kits are designed for a wide range of samples and applications such as veterinary diagnostic BSE screening, criminology and forensic medicine, environmental microbiology micro-organism lysis and nucleic acids (DNA, RNA), and protein isolation. The fast and easy-to-use protocol ensures successful lysis with even the most challenging samples.

The Glass Bead Tube Kit is ideal for breaking open micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, and spores. Metal Bead Tube Kit has metal beads that are particularly effective in grinding difficult tissue samples. Applications include hair, nail, bone, seeds, corn, nuts, rice, wheat, lung, muscle, brain, and liver. Ceramic Bead Tube Kit 1.4 mm has small beads that are perfect for low buffer and sample volumes. Applications include homogenize brain, liver, kidney, and gonad tissue. The Ceramic Bead Tube Kit, 2.8 mm has larger beads that have been specifically designed to homogenize a variety of human, animal, and plant tissues as well as several micro-organisms. Applications include lung, muscle, heart, bone, rice, wheat, leaves, bacteria, and spores.



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Description Cap Color Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
Ceramic Bead Tube Kit, 1.4 mm White 13113-50 G-3290-1 Each Retrieving Restricted
Ceramic Bead Tube Kit, 2.8 mm White 13114-50 G-3290-2 Each Retrieving Restricted
Glass Bead Tube Kit, 0.5 mm Blue 13116-50 G-3290-3 Each Retrieving Restricted
Metal Bead Tube Kit, 2.38 mm Green 13117-50 G-3290-4 Each Retrieving Restricted
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