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ART® 200G Self-Sealing Barrier Pipet Tips, Molecular BioProducts

Designed with a patented, self-sealing barrier, ART Tips are the only tips that completely block the passage of aqueous based liquids and aerosols from the sample to the pipettor. The unique seal protects the pipetting device from any possible contamination that could carry over and compromise future samples. ART Tips are ideal for critical uses such as PCR, sequencing, loading gels, handling infectious samples and pipetting radioactive isotopes. The barrier formed by an ART filter is so secure it even prevents 7.2 million counts of 32P from breaking through. The purity of ART Tips is achieved by constant control against contamination from any source.

ART Tips are designed to draw and dispense the full volume of the tip and the fine point design is an additional feature to ensure that samples can be drawn and dispensed with accuracy.

Electron beam sterilization is used because it ensures total disruption of any molecules amplifiable by PCR. All tips are pre-sterilized. Pre-sterilized tips are certified RNase-, DNase-, DNA-, and pyrogen-free.

Tips are compatible with Eppendorf®, Oxford BenchMate®, Finnpipette®, Pipetman®, and Rainin® series pipettors.

Ordering Information: Tips are packaged 96/tray, 10 trays per pack.


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Volume Length Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
5–200 µL 49.7 mm (131/32") 2069G P-2069G Case of 4800 Retrieving
Pack of 960 Retrieving
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