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MBP 0.1-10 µl Graduated Ultra Micro Pipet Tips


These pipet tips are made from virgin polypropylene material and are precision molded for an airtight fit using state-of-the-art molds and molding methods to preserve non-wettability in the final product. A mold release agent is NOT used in the manufacturing of these pipet tips. Metal-free Tips: All materials used in the manufacture of these tips are free of trace metals. A trace metal certificate is available upon request. Certified Pipet Tips: Tested by an independent laboratory and certified to be RNAse-, DNAse-, and pyrogen-free. (Non-sterilized product is not certified as pyrogen-free.) Certificate of analysis is available upon request. Sterile Tips: All sterile tips are sterilized in accordance with AAMI guidelines by gamma irradiation. Certificate of irradiation available upon request.

Autoclavable Tips & Racks: Pipet tips and racks are autoclavable at a recommended temperature of 120°C at 15 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes. Graduated Tips: Provides reference lines to allow a quick check of pipetting procedures by indicating nominal liquid volume in the tip. For use with but not limited to: Pipetman®, Biohit Proline®, Eppendorf®, Jencons Sealpette®, Labpette™, Nichiryo, Oxford-Benchmate®, Rainin EDP2™, and GeneMate®. Natural.



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Description Sterility Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
Ultra Micro, Bagged 104 P-3275-1 Case of 10000 Retrieving
Pack of 1,000 Retrieving
Ultra Micro, 96 Tip Rack with lift-off lid 104-96R P-3275-6 Box of 960 Retrieving
Case of 4800 Retrieving
Ultra Micro, Hinged 96 Tip Rack H-104-96R P-3275-2 Box of 960 Retrieving
Case of 4800 Retrieving
Ultra Micro, Hinged 96 Tip Rack, Sterile Sterile H-104-96RS P-3275-3 Box of 960 Retrieving
Case of 4800 Retrieving
Ultra Micro, Refill Insert for Hinged 96 Tip Rack HRI-104 P-3275-4 Box of 480 Retrieving
Case of 4800 Retrieving
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