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Accessories for Barnstead/Thermolyne® Thermo Cryogenic Transfer Vessels, Thermo Scientific

Supplier: Thermo Scientific(Ashville)



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Description Supplier No. Catalog Number Unit List Price Quantity
Withdrawal Device for Thermo 10 (24269-052) AY509X5 V-2001-1 Each Retrieving
Withdrawal Device for Thermo 20 (24269-054) AY509X4 V-2001-2 Each Retrieving
Withdrawal Device for Thermo 30 (24269-056) AY509X3 V-2001-3 Each Retrieving
Dipper for Removing Liquid Nitrogen, 12 mL AY509X6 V-2001-4 Each Retrieving
Adjustable Cart for Thermo 20 and 30 AY509X9 T-2901-2 Each Retrieving
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