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Calipers in bow spring joint or vernier styles accurately measure interior or exterior diameters and are the go-to measuring tools for any professional use. The adjustable nut in the bow spring joint caliper offsets the spring, allowing the leg position to be determined. While these calipers need to be used in conjunction with a separate ruler, vernier styles have an all in one design. After moving the adjustable jaw from the fixed one, tighten the clamp screws to lock in the precise distance reading. Modern calipers feature carbon fiber construction and have electronic digital displays that makes inch measurements easy to read. VWR has a wide range of vernier calipers, micrometer calipers and digital calipers that suits your needs.

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Plastic Vernier Caliper

Description: Plastic polymer caliper to measure glass and plastic ware. Thumb roller adjusts jaws to measure ID, OD, and depth. Measures 130mm in 0.05 subdivisions, plus 5" scale with 0.001 subdivisions.
Catalog Number: T-2515-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

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