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The cassettes for labeling instruments accomplish routine functions such as tissue and biopsy processing and embedding. Being the most compatible models for printers, these disposable containers support efficient and rapid marking. Small ventilation pores ensure the smallest samples are still securely locked in during fluid exchange. Easy-to-load in labeling machines, these solvent resistant containers feature slots or meshing to properly drain. Available in various colors, styles may feature attached or separate lid.

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HISTOSETTE* II Biopsy Cassette Bases in EZ-LOAD* Sleeves

Description: Aqua. Molded acetal polymer. Designed to hold biopsy samples securely during embedding process. Feature efficient flow-through slots. Anterior printing area at a 45[degree] angle. Compatible with automated labeling instruments. CE.
Catalog Number: M483-12BA
Supplier: Simport Scientific

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