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BRIGHT-LINE* Hemacytometer Set

Description: "V" slash on each plateau facilitates charging and reduces possibility of overflow. Fluid volume capacity: 0.1mm3/mm2 and 0.00025mm3/over each square. Includes chamber, two 0.4mm cover glasses, red cell pipet, 2 tubings, 2 mouthpieces, white cell pipet and case.
Catalog Number: 15170-168
Supplier: Hausser

Phase Hemacytometers

Description: Triple dividing lines show which cells lie within the counting area. A "V" cut into the plateau makes filling easy and reduces the possibility of overflow into the moat. Each plateau features enhanced Neubauer rulings 0.1mm below the cover glass. Milled float glass.
Catalog Number: 15170-263
Supplier: Hausser

Dark-Line Etched Hemacytometer

Description: Set of counting chamber and 2 cover slips. H-shaped moat forms two counting areas. A "V" slash at the loading side of each plateau facilitates charing and reduces the possibility of overflow into the moat. Ruled surface is 0.1mm below cover glass.
Catalog Number: 72350-008
Supplier: Hausser

Fuchs-Rosenthal Counting Chamber

Description: Hemacytometer for counting cells in cerebrospinal fluid. Cell depth: 0.2mm. Fuchs-Rosenthal ruling with sixteen 1mm squares each subdivided into 16 smaller squares. 1 piece construction. Dimensions: 75Lx32Wx4.5Dmm. Supplied with 2 cover glasses. Without case.
Catalog Number: 15170-230
Supplier: Hausser
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