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Covers act as a barrier against harmful contaminants interfering with contents as well as protecting workspaces from splashing substances. With layouts that completely surround or surface seal, items with an elevated sensitivity remain safe in a sterile environment. Meeting quality standards, the lids and jackets are constructed from impervious materials to block particulates from entering as well as sample loss through evaporation. The vast cover selection guarantees compatibility with any working apparatus or specimen.

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Description: Custom sizes are available on request.
Catalog Number: M-2065-3
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Bare Hand Entry Glove Cover

Description: Allows protected access, without use of long sleeve gloves, to any glove box with 19.35cm I.D. port. Fabricated of ten layers of silicone latex rubber, the 30 points of pliant material afford easy access and withdrawal while maintaining an excellent seal.
Catalog Number: R-8033-4
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

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