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Inert to extreme temperatures, cryogenic canes are devices that accommodate common sized vials for preservative storage. Snap cryovials into place for a reliable seal that will remain hermetic even in liquid nitrogen chilling. Available in different working lengths to fit any freezer, the color coded cryogenic canes assist with the proper identification of hazardous or biological material samples. Achieve additional security when handling by adding the transparent sleeves that support fast empty space location.

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Nunc Storage Cane, Thermo Scientific

Description: Made of aluminum, accommodates cryo tube vials, for storage of Nalgene or nunc cryostage tubes, able to store tubes protected with Cryoflex tubing, available color coders attach to the end of the cane and can be written on for quick identification.
Catalog Number: T-2854-1
Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Cane for Cryovial Tubes. For storage of up to five 1.2 or 2 ml

Description: Simport Cryovial tubes in liquid nitrogen containers such as Dewar flasks. Made of aluminium. Cs/48.
Catalog Number: T-2872-12
Supplier: Simport Scientific

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