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Containing surfactants, detergents and surface cleaners lower the surface tension which improves the ability of water to spread and dampen over a larger area. Unlike soaps that require mechanical exertion through scrubbing, these cleaning agents immediately attack microorganisms present without leaving residue. Routinely using the cleaners will maintain even the most critical environments. The aqueous soluble detergents and surface cleansers come in various synthetic chemical mixtures to make grease or grime easier to wipe away.

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Aquet* Phosphate-Free Liquid Detergent

Description: 19L, for removing film and grease from laboratory glassware and optics or as a wetting agent. Eliminates scrubbing and scraping. Diluted to a 1% solution, fast drying action eliminates wiping and drying. Biodegradable. Neutral pH. Non-ionic. Non-toxic.
Catalog Number: S-1051-5
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Cleaning Agent

Description: Germicide/algaecide and deodorizer. Can be added to water-jacket of appropriate Revco* CO2 incubators to prevent algae growth.
Catalog Number: I-5170-4
Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Alconox* Powder Detergent

Description: 1.8kg concentrate removes soil, grit, buffing compounds and organic contaminants from glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, plastic, rubber and fiberglass. Can be used on soft metals. Free rinsing, odorless, anionic, and mild. Biodegradable. Dilute 1:100.
Catalog Number: 21835-032
Supplier: Alconox

Contrex* AL is a Concentrated Alkaline Liquid Detergent

Description: 1QT Formulated for use in manual, soak or ultrasonic cleaning of labware, scientific apparatus and process equipment. Contrex* AL is free-rinsing, phosphate-free and disposable straight to drain.
Catalog Number: 89234-824
Supplier: Decon Labs
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