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Its ability to selectively diffuse molecules across a semi-permeable membrane gives dialysis tubing its important place in classic laboratory technique. Dialysis is used for a wide variety of dialysis applications: desalting, buffer exchange, removal of labeling reagents, drug-binding studies, cell growth and feeding, virus purification, and blood treatment. Created from a natural source of cellulose, dialysis tubing provides a reliable source for separating molecules based on size for testing purposes, and no pre-treatment is required before use. Regenerated cellulose dialysis tubing is also available.

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Snakeskin Dialysis Tubing, 35 Mm, 10K Mwco, 35 Ft/Pkg

Catalog Number: PI88245
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Spectra/Por 2 Standard Grade Regenerated Cellulose (RC) Dialysis Tubing Membrane

Description: With 12-14 kD MWCO in a 45 mm flatwidth & 29 mm diameter. 5 meter length trial size
Catalog Number: 97059-104
Supplier: Spectrum Laboratories

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