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Dropping bottles are designed to dispense and drop small volumes of reagents and aggressive chemicals. Choose between plastic styles for strength and versatile use, or glass for resistance to heat, gas, and vapor. All dropping bottles are chemically resistant and inert, with caps that ensure tight, leak-free seals. The dropping bottles that feature colored glass aid in protecting light-sensitive substances to guarantee contents are not adulterated.

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PYREX* Dropping Bottles

Description: 125mL dropping bottle is ideal when preventing contamination by solubility or pH change is important. With [Standard Taper] interchangeable ground glass pipet. Stoppers are not covered by [Standard Taper] specifications, but are ground to an interchangeable 1:10 taper.
Catalog Number: 1340-125-G
Supplier: Corning

Dropper Bottles, LDPE

Description: 15mL natural bottle with white polypropylene closure. Rated suitable for most biotech, diagnostic, and pharmaceutical applications. Drop volume averages 40┬ÁL per drop. Excellent chemical resistance. Natural bottle permits easy content identification.
Catalog Number: B-1019-1
Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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