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Film applicators can come in the form of plate rollers or film-sealing paddles to assure a secure, uniform seal around all wells on well plates of all sizes. Use these tools to perfectly seal film to microplates. These film applicators enable you to ergonomically push an adhesive film down upon a microplate to form a tight seal and minimize air bubbles. This tight seal will prevent well-to-well contamination and sample loss.

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Film-Sealing Paddles, Non-Sterile

Description: Film-sealing White Paddle
Catalog Number: T-2417-19
Supplier: Excel Scientific

Brayer Roller, 4inch Soft Rubber, for uniformly sealing film to microplates

Description: Brayer 4" Soft Rubber Roller
Catalog Number: T-2429-1
Supplier: Diversified Biotech


Description: Roller, Soft Rubber, 4inch for plate seals, Ensures a uniform seal around all wells. Suitable for use with all plate types
Catalog Number: T-2417-7
Supplier: Excel Scientific

EasyPress Manual Press

Description: (IT-EP-R) Simple and effective application of Axymat and ImpermMats silicone sealing mats to 96-well and 384-well microplates, deep well plates, microtiter tube systems, and PCR plates.
Catalog Number: S-3110-1
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