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Flow meters measure the volume, velocity, or totalized amount of piped substances during a specific period of time. Having the temperature and chemical resistance needed, the devices facilitate various liquids and gases surging through tubes to guarantee that the correct stream intensity is achieved for testing purposes. Manual free spinning paddle dials or in-line float formats incorporate clear manufacturing for easy optical reading, while automatic flow meters indicate instant results on digital screens.

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Riteflow* Unmounted Flowmeter

Description: 65mm. Plain end. Ranges: 28-2520ml/minute (air), 0.56-70.67ml/minute (water). Maximum Pressure: 200 psig. Maximum Temperature: 121[degree]C. Tube is borosilicate glass. Floats result in a 20:1 metering ratio. Includes one glass and one stainless steel float.
Catalog Number: P-1020-2
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Roto-Flo* Flow Indicator 3/16-1/4in ID, Blue, tube ends: Straight

Catalog Number: P-1020-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

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