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Compact and easy to use, the handheld refractometers are ideal for laboratory or production environments measurements. Simply immerse the sensor in the sample or drop the sample on top of the sensor prism. These units are best used for calculating the Brix value of fruit juices, soft drinks, sauces, soups, water-soluble cutting oils, washing liquids, industrial liquids, and coolants. Many of these handheld refractometers are rated for water resistance that enhances durability and simplifies cleanup procedures.

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Description: Handheld refractometer, Temperature compensation: Automatic, Compensated temperature: 20 degree celcius, Sample type: Opaque, Translucent Transparent, Sample quantity: Greater than 0. 1 mL, 40x40x185 mm, 285 g.
Catalog Number: 43036
Supplier: Vee Gee Scientific

Sugar/Brix with Atc Refractometer 0-32%

Catalog Number: R-2030-3
Supplier: Sper Scientific

Sugar/Brix Refractometer

Description: For sugar content of fruit, juices, wine, milk, soft drinks, and yeast cultures. Also for lubricating soluble tempering oils and emulsification solutions. Rubber-coated hand grip and construction. Covered eyepiece. Easy-to-read measurements. Clearly defined scale.
Catalog Number: R-2030-2
Supplier: Sper Scientific

Sugar Refractometer 0–80%

Catalog Number: R-2030-1
Supplier: Sper Scientific

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