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Robust, high-value microplate readers that can run samples based on pre-defined protocols and standard filter modes cover the entire visible range for a variety of assays. The plate reader optics are tunable for absorbance, fluorescence intensity, fluorescence polarization, and time resolved fluorescence assays (TRF). Compact designs make these instruments very compatible with small benchtop workspaces. These high performance machines are designed to deliver research-grade results for ELISA and protein quantification applications. These instruments deliver high precision and speed when reading 96 Well Microplates for single endpoint measurements and kinetic assay data gathered over time. Select models feature various detection modes, touchscreens, latest data acquisition and data analysis tools.

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Infinite m200 pro monochromato based mod

Description: InfiniteĀ® M200 PRO multi-mode microplate reader
Catalog Number: LGE140213-20BL
Supplier: TECAN U.S., INC.

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