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Pipet stands store the liquid transferring devices upright and organized when not in use. Easily access the glass tools from the multi-plate supports that have decreasing sized slots on base to offer the bulb tip optimal stability. Preventing contact with countertops, the racks decrease contaminated testing. Available in different overall dimensions, colors, and placement quantities, the compact pipettor stand options will accommodate specific working environment needs.

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ART* Pipet Tip Racks

Description: ART* brand small volume racks without tips or inserts for ART* Reload System. Sterile. 10 hinged racks per pack.
Catalog Number: P-2004-ER
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Poxygrid* Microliter Pipettor Racks

Description: For Gilson*, Pipetman*, and Drummond Pipet-Aid*. These epoxy-coated aluminum racks are designed for orderly storage. Ten-position racks are arranged in two rows for easy selection. Two large end holes hold the Drummond Pipet-Aid*. Dimensions: 229Wx127Dx171Hmm.
Catalog Number: P-3992-2
Supplier: Bel-Art Products


Description: Holds 12 volumetric or graduated pipettes from 1ml.
Catalog Number: P-3995-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

ART* Pipet Tip Racks

Description: ART* brand large volume racks without tips or inserts for ART* Reload System. Sterile. 8 hinged racks per pack.
Catalog Number: P-2008-ER
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

ART* Pipet Tip Racks

Description: ART* brand medium volume racks without tips or inserts for ART* Reload System. Sterile. 10 hinged racks per pack.
Catalog Number: P-2006-ER
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Pipettor Support Rack

Description: Freestanding stainless steel rack holds most popular brand pipettors, including the Gilson* Pipetman*. It has five positions, a sloping back and open front notches to hold the pipettors. Dimensions: 23Wx14.6Lx19.7Hcm.
Catalog Number: P-3992-3
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Pipette stand

Description: Fits up to eight pipettes. Designed for use with Finnpipette digital
Catalog Number: P-3991-1
Supplier: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Pipet Rack

Description: Pipet Rack, 28-Place, support stand, polyproplene, 18X18cm, polyproplene, Upper disc has 10 holes, 14 mm in diameter and 18 holes, 11 mm in diameter.
Catalog Number: P-3997-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Pipet Rack

Description: Pipet Rack, 50-Place, Polypropylene, Holes in top and middle deck are 16 mm in diameter, bottom holes are tapered from 16 mm to 6 mm diameter to support pipet tips, With molded hand grips; autoclavable
Catalog Number: P-3996-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Eppendorf Easypet Pipetting Device Wall Holder

Description: Wall holder for the Eppendorf Easypet* Pipetting Device.
Catalog Number: P-2921-W
Supplier: Eppendorf

Pipettor Stand

Description: Pipettor Stand, ABS, Blue, 6-Place, Acrylic stands are translucent; sturdy ABS stands are solid colors.
Catalog Number: S-3900-2063
Supplier: Heathrow Scientific


Catalog Number: P-3053-2
Supplier: IBI Scientific

Pipette Rack

Description: Pipette Rack Acrylic, Clear, with tilted shelves holds a variety of serological pipettes in five separate compartments, with a small footprint the pipette rack takes up minimal bench space. Dimension: 11.5 x 15 7/8 x 3 1/2in
Catalog Number: S-3901-1
Supplier: Argos Technologies


Description: Manual Pipet Rack, ABS, Red, ABS plastic racks have cut-out windows and include two removable attachments that hold pipette bulbs, fillers, and pumps.
Catalog Number: S-3900-2070
Supplier: Heathrow Scientific

Universal Pipette Stand, 3-Position

Description: Organize your workstation. Durable 0.64cm (1/4") thick acrylic for long lasting performance. Holds most major brands of pipettors.
Catalog Number: P-3053-1
Supplier: IBI Scientific

Pipet Rack

Description: Manual Pipet Rack, Acrylic, Clear, Angled four shelved compartments keep your 0.1 to 50 mL pipettes or cans within easy reach while preventing damage and clutter.
Catalog Number: S-3900-2068
Supplier: Heathrow Scientific

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