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Protein linking and labeling systems provide a convenient means for attaching fluorescent labels or biotins to antibodies and larger proteins. These kits are ideal for use with multiple applications, including flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, immunohistochemistry, primary detection, ELISAs, immunocytochemistry, and FISH. These systems are available with a variety of dye colors, biotin, fluorescent agents, and all the components needed to perform multiple conjugations and purifications. Protein labeling follows a simple protocol of reaction, separation, and then use.

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Antibody Signal Enhancer 200Ml

Description: Antibody Signal Enhancer
Catalog Number: M336.200ML
Supplier: VWR

Antibody Signal Enhancer 1L

Description: Antibody Signal Enhancer
Catalog Number: M336.1L
Supplier: VWR
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