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Reuse the same pipette multiple times for precise and reliable liquid delivery with any of these repetitive pipettes. Their ergonomic designs are slim, light to hold, and feature an ambidextrous design for a comfortable grip for all users. The robust construction and positive displacement operation results in accurate substance dispensing, even including high viscosity or high vapor pressure liquids. With no internal wear-and-tear parts, these repetitive pipettes are maintenance-free.

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Fixed Volume Microdispenser

Description: Size: 1-5uL. Volumetric accuracy: ±1% (at full volume). Borosilicate glass bore with stainless steel plunger.
Catalog Number: P-3641-8
Supplier: Drummond

Labpette* Pipette repeating 1ul -5000ul

Description: Labpette-R Repetitive Dispensing Pipette
Catalog Number: P-3000-1
Supplier: Labnet

Replacement Part for Fixed Volume Microdispenser

Description: Replacement Part for Fixed Volume Microdispenser, 5ul contain, 2 plungers, 2 O-rings, 1 collet, 1 coil spring, 1 spring guide.
Catalog Number: P-3641-6
Supplier: Drummond

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