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A variety of seals for the protection of lab samples from contamination are available at VWR. Secure microplate samples with films, foils, and sealing tapes; select products appropriate for ELISA, PCR, cold storage, and general incubation. Sealing mats minimize evaporation and eliminate cross-contamination. For beakers, flasks, petri dishes and other labware, choose sealing films that are heat or chemical resistant. Insure sample integrity with security seals that provide evidence of tampering. Mechanical seals are also offered.

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96 Well Caps, NUNC*

Description: For 0.5mL U96 and 0.45mL V96, 1.0mL and 2.0mL DeepWell* polypropylene plates. Made with self-closing thermoplastic elastomer ensuring tight seal. Withstands -80[degree]C. Compatible with automated equipment. Autoclavable. Natural. Non-sterile.
Catalog Number: T-3012-11

ImpermaMat* Sealing Mat

Description: For round wells. Chemically-resistant mat for use with 96-well plates.
Catalog Number: T-3166-3
Supplier: Corning

Axymat* Silicone Pcr Compression Mat

Description: (Cm-Flat) Flat Silicone Mat For Sealing 96 And 384 Well Pcr Plates During Thermocycling. Mat Ensures That Each Well Is Sealed By Pressure From Thermocycler Lid. Autoclavable. Clear. Pcr Is A Patented Process Of Hoffmann-La Roche, And Requires A License.
Catalog Number: T-3163-2
Supplier: Corning

AxyMat* Silicone Sealing Mat

Description: For Axygen* 750uL 96-well deep well plates with round wells for High Throughput Screening. Temperature range: -80 to 121[degree]C. Pierceable and self-closing to prevent escape of aerosols. High contrast alphanumeric grid system. Autoclavable. Natural color.
Catalog Number: T-3166-750
Supplier: Corning

Breathable Sealing Tape, Sterile

Catalog Number: P-9617-6
Supplier: CORNING CA


Description: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, Optically Clear.
Catalog Number: T-3025-8D
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Storage Mat For 2Ml 96-Well Square Deepwell Plates

Description: Made from a special co-polymer that offers high vapor barrier. effectively seals each well and limits moisture exchange at temperatures ranging from -70 to 40[degree]c. certified dnase/rnase free.
Catalog Number: P-9613-2
Supplier: CORNING CA

96-Well Silicone Caps, Pre-Slit

Description: Natural. Nonsterile. Caps for 96-well NUNC* MicroWell* plate.
Catalog Number: T-3012-17
Supplier: Thermo Scientific


Description: Optically clear.
Catalog Number: T-3025-8
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Cap Mats

Description: Fits 2.4mL MASTERBLOCK, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).
Catalog Number: T-3121-10
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

8-Well Strip Cap

Description: Sterile polyethylene caps for sealing 96-well plate or 8-well strip to prevent evaporation and contamination. Provide a positive shallow seal for each well. Caps insert onto flat-bottom wells up to 300uL or round-bottom wells up to 200uL. Seal maintained from -20 to +60[degree]C.
Catalog Number: T-3007-3
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Cap Mats

Description: Fits 1.2mL MASTERBLOCK, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate).
Catalog Number: T-3058-10
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Chemistry, Micro, O-Ring for 0.1 mL Vial

Description: PYREX brand, Accessories. Listed are additional items most often used in conjunction with the 6949M series. Microscale Organic Chemistry Kits.
Catalog Number: 9900-1R-G
Supplier: Corning

Cap Mats

Description: Fits 1.2mL MASTERBLOCK, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), Sterile.
Catalog Number: T-3058-11
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Cap Mats

Description: Fits 2.4mL MASTERBLOCK, EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), Sterile.
Catalog Number: T-3121-4
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Axymat* Silicone Compression Mat

Description: For 96-well plates. Used for compression sealing of each well during the thermocycling process. Not designed as a seal for long-term storage. Autoclavable. Natural color.
Catalog Number: T-3163-3
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