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Rapidly decreasing the time required for completion, the multipurpose slide dryers and warmers are used in mounting, staining, and cleaning processes. Open hotplate platform or oven enclosure styles apply uniform heat without complications via digital or dial control panels. The machines hold numerous slides simultaneously, yet remain compact enough to take up minimal counter top space. Advanced slide dryers and warmers may include timed operation setting controls and adjustable airflow for streak-free surfaces.

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Small Slide Incubation Chamber

Catalog Number: M-3810-1
Supplier: Mitchell Plastics

Large Slide Incubation Chamber

Catalog Number: M-3810-2
Supplier: Mitchell Plastics

Slide Drying Bench

Description: Dries slides level across drying bars, angled from drying bars, or flat without drying bars. Over 645cm2 of heated surface. Accepts up to 50 (7.62x2.54cm) slides. Built-in energy regulator (for ac only). Range: ambient to 100[degree]c. 115v, 150w. Dimensions: 15.2hx45.7wx20.3dcm
Catalog Number: 15156-120
Supplier: Cole-Parmer

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