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Remove surface bacteria with the liquid or foam soaps and skin cleaners. Refreshing lotion soaps have specialized formulas to lock in moisture keeping skin soft and smooth even after heavy repetitive washing. The gentle shower gels and shampoos rinse dirt and grime away and non-abrasive scrubs exfoliate to remove dead skin cells while not irritating skin. Routinely use dermatologist recommended soaps and skin cleansers in scented and unscented options to remain healthy.

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Bacdown Handsoap

Description: 500ML Soothing, coconut-based surfactants with skin-kind Triclosan provide a gentle handsoap that may be used repeatedly with minimal skin drying. It is particularly recommended for applications where repeated hand scrubbing is mandated. Almond fragrance.
Catalog Number: 89233-198
Supplier: Decon Labs

Soap, hand, 4oz, softcide, flip-top, extra-mild, antimicrobial

Description: SoftCIDE Extra-mild Antimicrobial Hand Soap (1% PCMX), 4 oz. (118 mL) Bottle with Flip-top Cap, 1 Bottle
Catalog Number: L-1710-1
Supplier: Thermo Scientific


Softcide* Hand wash Gallon Refill Jug

Description: SoftCIDE Hand Wash, 128 oz. Refill
Catalog Number: L-1750-3
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

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