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Choose from a variety of stationary systems and handheld wiping units aimed to keep your laboratory space clean of spilled chemical solutions or run-off. Options include liquid-retaining spill trays and drying racks for use while pipetting, measuring, or mixing, as well as durable, tear-resistant pads and towels formulated to be absorbent for fast-wicking spill cleanup. Effective designs absorb liquids quickly to leave work areas clean and dry for improved safety. All products are designed for everyday general-purpose or specific laboratory use with minimal maintenance.

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Mercury collector

Description: Mercury collector, Quickly and conveniently capture spilled mercury beads, Lid features 'absorbent' foam pad on interior surface, Replacement foam pad available, Dispose of mercury by approved disposal method
Catalog Number: T-2563-1
Supplier: Bel-Art Products

Lab-Sorb Bags, Small

Catalog Number: 12025-816
Supplier: Diversified Biotech

Lab-Sorb Bags, Large

Catalog Number: 12025-820
Supplier: Diversified Biotech

Lab-Sorb, 16 oz. Jar

Catalog Number: 12025-806
Supplier: Diversified Biotech

Lab-Sorb Bags, Medium

Catalog Number: 12025-818
Supplier: Diversified Biotech

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