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Meeting regulations in any industry, standards are essential for periodically checking the accuracy of equipment pieces. By comparing against the known values, output readings detect errors present and inform personnel adjustments are required. Once the settings of the manual or automatic instruments have returned to zero, the reestablished conditions will yield optimal working performance. Calibrating with concentrated standards eliminates the possibility that environmental changes will induce instrumental miscalculation when accuracy matters most.

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Potassium chloride solution 0.01M, conductivity standard 1413 µmhos/cm. 1 L

Description: Conductivity standard: 1413µS/m
Catalog Number: BDH7349-1
Supplier: GeneMate

Fluoride Standard, Solution 1mg/mL. 500 mL

Description: EPA. 1000ppm fluoride.
Catalog Number: BDH7406-2
Supplier: GeneMate
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