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High-quality glass test tubes, and plastic test tubes are designed and constructed for optimal performance and excellent resistance to industrial scientific chemicals. Sturdy construction from borosilicate glass delivers a great range of operating temperatures. These precision-molded test and sample tubes are suited to a wide variety of applications, and are available in round- or flat-bottomed models. Easy-to-read graduations and labeling with all models. Minimal thermal expansion gives these test tubes high resistance to temperature changes.

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Screw cap tube 2ml

Description: Screw Cap Tubes with Attached Yellow Caps
Catalog Number: C-3379-1
Supplier: GeneMate

VWR* Freezer box pack of 5 (polycarbonate with lid, suitable for -190c)

Description: Freezer Box, Polycarbonate, for 25 x 5 mL Tubes (5x5)
Catalog Number: C-3500-5
Supplier: GeneMate

VWR* Adapter 5ml in 15ml cavity pk4

Description: Adapter for 5 mL Tubes in 15 mL Centrifuge
Catalog Number: C-3500-6
Supplier: GeneMate

VWR* Centrifuge tubes screw-cap 5ml, 10 foam racks of 50 with caps attached

Description: 5 mL Tubes, Screw Caps Attached, Racked, Opaque Black
Catalog Number: C-3500-8
Supplier: GeneMate

VWR* Centrifuge tubes 5ml sterile 500/pk. (10 foam racks of 50 with caps attached)

Description: 5 mL Tubes, Screw Caps Attached, Racked
Catalog Number: C-3500-3S
Supplier: GeneMate

Screw Tube, Graduated, Natural, Polypropylene 2.0mL

Description: Screw Cap Tubes without Caps
Catalog Number: C-3365-1
Supplier: GeneMate

VWR* Centrifuge tubes 5ml non-sterile pk500 (caps packed separately)

Description: 5 mL Tubes, Screw Caps Separate, Bulk
Catalog Number: C-3500-3
Supplier: GeneMate


Description: 1.2mL, For Micro Rack Tube System.
Catalog Number: C-3237-1
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

1.5Ml Mct Graduated 5M/Cs

Description: 1.6 Microcentrifuge Tube Microcnetrifuge Tube
Catalog Number: C-3236-1
Supplier: Thermo Scientific

Graduated Transport Tubes

Description: 5ml. Skirted, self-standing tubes with a conical bottom. Tubes are graduated at 1.0mL intervals and feature a large frosted writing area. Caps fit tubes securely for a leakproof seal. Sterile tubes come with caps attached.
Catalog Number: C-3233-1
Supplier: Corning

Screw Cap Tube, without Caps (Self Standing), Colour: Amber, Conical Bottom, Volume: 0.5ml

Description: Screw Cap Tubes
Catalog Number: 11924-504
Supplier: Corning

Test Tube

Description: 1.2mL, with Assembled Cap, for Micro Rack Tube System.
Catalog Number: C-3237-3
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Test Tube

Description: Polypropylene, 1.2mL, with Cap, Sterile, for Micro Rack Tube System.
Catalog Number: C-3237-2
Supplier: Greiner Bio-One

Borosilicate Glass Culture Tubes 16x125

Description: Screw Thread, Round Bottom, Tubes are suitable for tissue culture work and general bacteriological use. Without a marking area. Trays are shrink wrapped in plastic film in modular trays. Supplied without caps.
Catalog Number: T-6013-16X125
Supplier: DWK Life Sciences (KIMBLE)

Sterile Tubes with Attached Caps

Catalog Number: C-3233-1S
Supplier: Corning

Eppend.Tube 50Ml Starter Set

Description: Eppendorf Tube 5.0 Ml Starter Pack, 400 Tubes In Pcr Clean Purity (4 Bags Of 100 Tubes), 2 Tube Racks, 8 Universal Inserts
Catalog Number: C-3200-6
Supplier: Eppendorf

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