Flip-Top Centrifuge Tubes, Argos Technologies

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Flip-Top Centrifuge Tubes, Argos Technologies
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The Argos Flip-Top centrifuge tube offers a hinged flip-top cap that allows for single-handed opening and closing

Flip-Top tubes are not recommended for use in long term storage or sample transport applications.

The attached cap provides less chance of dropping or losing a separate cap. Supplied with bold, easy-to-read black graduations that are accurate to ±2%. Tubes feature a large white marking area for sample identification. Manufactured in a class 100,000 clean room. Guaranteed DNase-, RNase-, and pyrogen-free. Operational temperature range is -80 to 120°C. Tubes are compatible with any fixed angle or swing bucket rotor. Gamma irradiated. Supplied 25 tubes per bag, 500 per case.