VWR® Dry Block/Incubator Thermometers

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89095-802CS 797.9 USD
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VWR® Dry Block/Incubator Thermometers
Thermometers Glass Thermometers Glass Thermometers for Special Applications
Individually serialized and designed for use in all standard heating blocks and water baths.

  • Contains red organic liquid against white back glass

Thermometers can measure temperature of varying ranges depending on model.




Services: VWRCATALYST™ offers convenient and efficient re-calibration services for your liquid in glass thermometers with an industry leading 5-day average turn-around time from receipt of your instrument. Simply order the stated catalog no. based on how many calibration points are desired. You will receive a protective box to ship your instrument to VWR's certified calibration laboratory along with a work order form to specify your calibration points 0 to 100°C (32 to 212°F) and prepaid return shipping label. Upon receipt at the laboratory your instrument will be inspected for any defect under a microscope and the performance of your instrument will be compared to certified standards and corrections to one-tenth of the smallest division recorded on your signed calibration report. Your calibration report and instrument are carefully repacked then returned to you prepaid.