MiniVac Waste Aspiration System, Argos Technologies

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MiniVac Waste Aspiration System, Argos Technologies
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MiniVac waste collection system was designed with safety, convenienc,e and bench-top space in mind

The unit consists of a disposable 1L polystyrene flask, plastic reservoir stand, polypropylene cap with barbed fittings and tubing. One tubing set is connected to primary or secondary source and one is used to aspirate the liquid. MiniVac flask and cap sit in a clear PETG plastic reservoir stand that collects liquid should flask crack or leak. Full flasks can be transferred safely by using supplied transfer cap. Small footprint (7.5"); easy clean up with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Can be used with in house vacuum.

The MiniVac system replaces the need for glass waste containers; eliminating the risk of breakage and contamination. MiniVac can be used as stand-alone waste collection system or as an intermediate overflow vessel.

Ordering information: MiniVac unit is supplied with 1L polystyrene bottle, reservoir stand, polypropylene barbed cap, transfer cap and tubing set.