RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator, Argos Technologies

RotoFlex Plus Tube Rotator, Argos Technologies
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The RotoFlex Plus is a variable speed, digitally controlled tube rotator ideal for DNA Purification, protein binding, hybridization, and sample mixing

The RotoFlex Plus can also be used with a magnetic platform (sold separately) to optimize Western Blot hybridization. Simply attach your plastic bag containing membrane and antibody solution to the plate using the metal strips provided.

It will accommodate tubes from 0.5 – 50mL by using included rotisserie panels. The easy to operate key pad allows for speed adjustments between 10 – 40 rpm. In addition to the variable speed feature the unit can also be operated in an oscillating mode. In oscillation mode the rotisseries rotate 40°, pause, then oscillate back and forth five times before rotating another 40° to repeat the process. After oscillating for 360°, the rotisserie rotates a complete turn before reverting back to the oscillation cycle.

Ordering information: Unit is supplied with base unit and rotisseries (one pack of each size).