TruCool™ Hinged Lid CryoBoxes

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TruCool™ Hinged Lid CryoBoxes
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BioCision® TruCool™ Cryoboxes have a hinged lid that remains attached, ensuring the lid is fitted correctly and markings are in sync with samples

TruCool™ CryoBoxes are equipped with dual indexing systems, including an adjustable removable plastic grid. They feature a 1 through 81 printed grid on the top and inside cover. An A through I, and 1 through 9 column and row indexing around the inner and outer edge of the box. 100-place boxes have a removable 100-place grid and feature an A through J and 1 through 10 column and row indexing around the inner and outer edge of the box.

Designed for repeated freezing and thawing in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen applications. 2-inch boxes are compatible with 1 mL and 2 mL cryovials and microcentrifuge tubes. 3.5-inch boxes are compatible with 3.5 to 5 ml tubes.

Lid is easy to open, even when frozen, and stays attached to the base, minimizing risk of contamination. Boxes feature a white patch on the front for markings or barcodes. Constructed from laminated cardboard, all CryoBoxes are waterproof and durable. Each device includes a plastic grid which can be removed if needed.

Ordering information: Available in single color packs and a multicolor pack of 5 containing one each of blue, green, orange, pink, purple.