CryoCeps™ CryoVial Grippers, BioCision®

BCS-213 BCS-213MC
89306-312 10416-302
CryoCeps™ CryoVial Grippers, BioCision®
CryoCeps™ cryovial gripping tool for moving and sorting frozen cryovials and microtubes

Unique design grips cryovials by the cap and allows you to lift the tube and move its position. Compatible with internal- or external-threaded cryovials. Also compatible with most microfuge tubes.

Protects fingers when extracting frozen tubes from cryostorage boxes, CoolRack modules or CoolCell cell freezing containers.

Ordering information: Multi-color pack of 5 includes 1 each of green, pink, purple, orange and blue. For CoolRack tube modules see CoolRack® Thermoconductive Tube Racks. For CoolCell alcohol-free cell freezing containers see CoolCell® Cryopreservation Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Containers. Packaged 5 per pack.