Lab Armor® Chill Buckets, SHEL LAB

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Lab Armor® Chill Buckets, SHEL LAB
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The reinvented ice bucket now works without ice

  • Chill Buckets chill while keeping everything dry and in place
  • No more water-borne contamination or losing track of samples

Durable and lightweight Chill Buckets offer a newly expanded four liter capacity and polyurethane construction. Shaped to balance in one arm, buckets feature molded side knobs and are supplied with lid. They are condensation free, and can be hand washed with mild detergent and towel dried.

The durable Rubbermaid® gel style Chill Packs are available with bucket assemblies or as optional accessories. They last for hours, and are non-toxic. Simply freeze and resuse. Bead bags are constructed of durable nylon mesh fabric, and offer see-through visibility and a drawstring closure. They are washable and mildew- and rot-resistant.

Ordering information: Chill Bucket with Beads (89409-248) includes lid, two liters of Lab Armor® beads, two Chill Packs, and a bead bag. Chill Bucket Bead Bag Kit (89409-250) includes bead bag, two liters of Lab Armor® beads, and two Chill Packs. Chill Bucket Kit (89409-252) includes Chill Bucket with lid, two Chill Packs, and a bead bag (Lab Armor® beads not included.). Four Chill Packs are supplied with each Chill Pack (89409-254) order.