VWR Life Science VisiGlo™ Select and VisiGlo™ Prime HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kits

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VWR Life Science VisiGlo™ Select and VisiGlo™ Prime HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kits
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VisiGlo Select HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit combines a broad linear dynamic range and attomolar sensitivy to enable quantitation of low-abundance targets labeled with horseradish peroxidase (HRP)

  • Highly sensitive substrate
  • Low background without compromising signal intensity
  • Quantitative
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Signal lasts hours
  • Enables repeat exposures and imaging delays
  • Compatible with CCD and x-ray film based imaging systems

Low-intensity signals undetectable with competing chemiluminescent substrates may be revealed as well, because background levels remain low even for lengthy exposure times. The signal generated by substrate incubation is stable for hours and may be captured by conventional x-ray film, CCD and fluorescence-based imaging systems.

VisiGlo Prime HRP Chemiluminescent Substrate Kit delivers a wide dynamic range of HRP (horse radish peroxidase) detection that is linear over three orders of magnitude, enabling accurate and quantitative comparison of proteins, especially when combined with CCD imaging. Highly sensitive VisiGlo Prime is ideal for detection of low abundance proteins, with sensitivity down to attomolar levels. High abundance proteins are detected without exhibiting substrate depletion, an important feature for simultaneous detection of low and high abundance proteins in a single exposure. The chemiluminescent emission from VisiGlo™ Prime is highly stable, lasting hours after substrate incubation to allow time for multiple exposures to obtain optimal blotting images.

The high sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio allow for target detection with minimal consumption of valuable protein and antibody reagents, thereby lowering experimental costs.