Ovens, Gravity Convection, Boekel Scientific

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Ovens, Gravity Convection, Boekel Scientific
Ovens Standard Ovens
Boekel Scientific offers a wide range of quality Convection Ovens to meet your laboratory needs

  • Double wall construction
  • Natural air convection
  • Equipped with a safety over temperature
  • Aluminum interior
  • Minumum operating temperature is 100 °C

Each oven features double wall construction with a glass wool insulation, allowing for a cool to the touch exterior while the aluminum interior allows for easy clean up. This line of Convection Ovens utilize a bi-metallic thermostat, advanced safety over-temp protection and come supplied with two shelves and a thermometer.

Excellent for drying glassware and samples, annealing, product age acceleration, polymerizing plastics as well as providing dry heat sterilization. Ovens are available in 0.6 cu ft., 1.6 cu ft., and 2.7 cu ft models and reach a maximum temperature of 215 °C. These units should not be used at temperatures below 100 °C.

Ordering information: All Boekel Scientific Convection Ovens are supplied with two adjustable shelves, a thermometer, instruction manual and have Boekel Scientific two year warranty on parts and labor.

Caution: NOTE: Not for use in warming paraffin wax or any other combustible or flammable materials and/or solvents. Do not place combustible or flammable materials/solvents inside or near this oven.