VWR Life Science Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit

VWR Life Science Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit
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Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit uses the fluorescent bisBenzimide H33258 dye to bind to AT sequences of the minor groove of double-stranded DNA

  • Highly specific quantitation of DNA
  • Sensitive to low nanogram per mL levels of DNA
  • Assay tolerates RNA and protein contaminants

In the assay, the sample is excited at 360 nm, and when the dye binds to dsDNA, an emission spectrum at 460 nm is produced. VWR’s Fluorescent DNA Quantitation Kit can be used to quantify dsDNA in the low nanogram per mL (10 ng/mL) range, up to 5 microgram per mL (5 µg/mL). This assay can also tolerate RNA or protein contamination that may be present in crude extracts.

Ordering information: Kit includes Fluorescent DNA Assay Buffer, 10X, 200 mL; Fluorescent DNA Dye, 250 µL; Fluorescent DNA Standard, 1 mL.