Sedi-Rate™ Westergren ESR System, Globe Scientific

Sedi-Rate™ SEDI-RATE™
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89209-786 10022-164 60820-090 60820-082 10022-162 60820-092 89206-890
Sedi-Rate™ Westergren ESR System, Globe Scientific
Clinical Diagnostic Systems
Sedi-Rate™ offers a simple, safe, economical, and highly accurate method for performing Westergren determinations.

The polystyrene (PS) Sedi-Rate™ pipet is graduated from 0–180mm and features a unique fibrous plug located at the zero mark

The polypropylene (PP) Sedi-Rate™ vial features a patented self-sealing stopper that is easily pierced with a transfer pipet or piercing funnel. The vial is supplied pre-filled with 0.25mL of 3.8% trisodium citrate diluent. Simply add 1mL of EDTA-treated blood to complete the 1 to 4 ratio, as required by the Westergren method.

The use of Sedi-Rate™ eliminates splashing, spraying, and aerosol hazards, making it an optimum choice for ESR testing in the laboratory.

The plug is specifically designed to be a self-sealing aerosol barrier that stops hazardous substances from escaping through the top of the pipet.

Accessories information: Sedi-Rate™ accessories and components are available. The unique rack features support clamps that hold pipets in a perfectly vertical position. When used in conjunction with the acrylic leveling platform, users are assured of the most accurate results. The durable acrylic leveling platform has a leveling bubble and four adjustable feet. It is used in conjunction with the ESR Rack to ensure a completely level testing surface.