TLC Silica Gel 60 Plates and Sheets, MilliporeSigma

Supplier: MilliporeSigma

1.05721.0001 1.05789.0001 1.05636.0001 1.05554.0001 1.16834.0001 1.15327.0001 1.05714.0001 1.16487.0001 1.05750.0001 1.05553.0001 1.05533.0001 1.05570.0001 1.05749.0001 1.05534.0001 1.05808.0001 1.16835.0001 1.05715.0001 1.05719.0001 1.05626.0001 1.15326.0001 1.05562.0001 1.05724.0001 1.05579.0001 1.05748.0001 1.05721.0001 1.05533.0001 1.05570.0001 1.15341.0001 1.05729.0001 1.05549.0001 1.05735.0001 1.05750.0001
EM1.05562.0001CS 6565.31 USD
EM1.05721.0001 EM1.05789.0001 CA1.05636.0001 EM1.05554.0001 EM1.16834.0001 EM1.15327.0001 EM1.05714.0001 EM1.16487.0001 EM1.05750.0001 EM1.05553.0001 EM1.05533.0001 EM1.05570.0001 EM1.05749.0001 EM1.05534.0001 EM1.05808.0001 EM1.16835.0001 EM1.05715.0001 EM1.05719.0001 EM1.05626.0001 EM1.15326.0001 EM1.05562.0001 EM1.05724.0001 EM1.05579.0001 EM1.05748.0001 CA1.05721.0001 CA1.05533.0001 CA1.05570.0001 EM1.15341.0001 EM1.05729.0001 EM1.05549.0001 EM1.05735.0001 CA1.05750.0001
TLC Silica Gel 60 Plates and Sheets, MilliporeSigma
TLC Plates
TLC plates are combination of Millipore silica gel 60 and a unique polymeric binder resulting in adherent and hard surface.

The resultant surface will not crack or blister and even allow writing with a pencil on the surface without risk to damage the layer.

Our NH2, CN and DIOL modified silica sorbents are less polar then conventional silica phases, making them ideal for separating hydrophilic or charged substances. Our moderately polar cyano and diol modified silica plates can be used for both normal phase and reversed phase systems. An alternative to PEI cellulose, amino-modified NH2 plates provide weak basic ion exchange characteristics with special selectivity for charged compounds.