Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes, Simport Scientific

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Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes, Simport Scientific
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
Micrewtube™ Microcentrifuge Tubes are ideal for freezer storage, boiling application and centrifugation, and will fit most standard microcentrifuge rotors

Low adhesion Micrewtubes™ Tubes are also available. The specially formulated polypropylene used to manufacture these tubes provides a low adhesion surface to obtain maximum sample yield.

Made of polypropylene. They can be used at temperatures from -196 to 121 °C.

Non-skirted tubes withstand high speed centrifugation up to 20,000g. Skirted tubes can withstand up to 17,000g. Available plain, graduated, or brown for light sensitive material. Available with or without molded ridges.

Certifications: Certified Rnase-, Dnase-, DNA- and Pyrogen-free.

Ordering information: Caps sold separately; please see T340 Series for caps.