Micrewtube® Microcentrifuge Tube with Screw Cap, Simport Scientific

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Micrewtube® Microcentrifuge Tube with Screw Cap, Simport Scientific
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
A Simport Scientific MICREWTUBE® is ideal for freezer storage, boiling application, centrifugation etc

The cap is molded with a deep internal lip that fits snugly against the interior wall of the tube thus preventing the contents from coming in contact with the seal or threads. In the silicone O-ring version, tubes and caps are made of polypropylene. Will withstand temperatures from –196 to +121 °C and are autoclavable. In the lip seal version, tubes are made of polypropylene and caps are made of high density polyethylene. Will withstand temperatures from –196 to +110 °C.

All tubes and closures are manufactured in a clean environment. Tubes and screw caps are made of heavy wall construction and are built to last. Non skirted tubes withstand high speed centrifugation up to 20000 g, skirted tubes up to 17000 g.

and will fit most standard microcentrifuge rotors. Six styles of caps to choose from and three sizes of conical bottom or self-standing tubes (0.5 ml, 1.5 ml and 2 ml) are available in sterile and non sterile format. All sterile tubes are gamma irradiated and packaged in tamperproof, resealable bags to protect remaining tubes from contamination.

Certifications: Certified RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free.

Ordering information: Do not use Micrewtubes for storage in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen. Such use may cause entrapment of liquefied nitrogen inside the vial and lead to pressure build-up resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release. Use appropriate safety procedures when handling and disposing of vials.