SCIENCEWARE® Replica-Plating Device, Bel-Art

SCIENCEWARE® Replica-Plating Device, Bel-Art
Microplate and Petri Dish Replicators
Utilizes a locking ring which secures sterile velveteen squares onto a PVC cylinder for easy control of the plating device.

  • PVC cylinder construction
  • Fresh sterile nutrient plate
  • Not autoclavable
  • Easily disinfected

A fresh sterile nutrient plate is then lowered onto the velveteen surface and lifted, leaving a replica of the original colonies in the new dish.

May be disinfected between uses with a brief rinse in 70% ethanol or chlorine bleach. The aluminum ring is 10.2 cm (4") diameter, and the PVC cylinder is 6.9 cm (23/4") high. For use with 90 to 100 mm Petri dishes.

Delivery information: 12 pieces/bag of white velveteen squares is included.