SCIENCEWARE® Book Bottles with Spigot, Bel-Art

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SCIENCEWARE® Book Bottles with Spigot, Bel-Art
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Polypropylene Book Bottle-style container has a gasketed spigot threaded into the bottle.

  • Polypropylene construction
  • Leakproof seal plug
  • Graduated markings
  • Easy to use

It requires only a ¼" turn from closed position to full open and has a 9.5 mm (⅜") I.D

Note: Spigot has a rubber component that is incompatible with acetone and organic solvents.

opening that extends from the front of the bottle by 58 mm (2.3"). The bottle has a 43 mm I.D. neck and features a leakproof seal plug as well as a screw cap. The front is graduated in liters.