Diamond™ White Glass Microscope Slides, Color Frosted, Globe Scientific

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Diamond™ White Glass Microscope Slides, Color Frosted, Globe Scientific
Slides Microscope Slides
Diamond™ White Glass microscope slides are made from chemically pure white glass sheets.

  • Produced from the finest quality optical white glass
  • Color coded on one end, one side
  • Packed in high-quality white plastic boxes
  • Dimensions: 25×75 mm
  • Thickness: 1 mm

Diamond™ White Glass color coded microscope slides are offered in bright, attractive color coding on one end of each slide. They feature ground edges with 90° corners. The slides are supplied pre-cleaned and ready to use.

The glass offers a low iron content, which results in superior transparency, very low self-florescence, and no color distortion. The special composition of the glass provides minimal oxidation, which ensures sample integrity during long-term storage. Increased hardness and molecular stability of the slide surface guarantees more accurate experimental results.

Ordering information: Slides are packaged 72 per box, 20 boxes per case (10 gross). Minimum order of 10 cases of 1440 for 89500-520, 89500-524 and 89500-534.