Charged Microscope Slides, White Glass, Globe Scientific

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Charged Microscope Slides, White Glass, Globe Scientific
Slides Adhesive Slides
Charged slides provide an ideal surface for cell and tissue adhesion.

  • Produced from the finest quality optical white glass
  • Charged surface allows cells and tissues to adhere to the slide
  • Packed in high-quality white plastic boxes
  • Dimensions: 25×75 mm
  • Thickness: 1 to 1.2 mm

Diamond™ White Glass Microscope slides are made from chemically pure white glass sheets. The glass offers a low iron content which results in superior transparency, very low self-flourescence, and no color distortion. The special composition of the glass provides minimal oxidation, which ensures sample integrity during long-term storage. Increased hardness and molecular stability of the slide surface guarantees more accurate experimental results. All Diamond™ White Glass microscope slides are packaged in high quality plastic boxes and double cellophane wrapped to protect against moisture and foreign particles.

Charged Microscope Slides with Beveled Edges and 45° Clipped Corners are available in bright colors and are pre-cleaned and supplied ready for use. These slides are packed in high quality white plastic boxes.

These popular slides are being utilized in histology, cytology, and pathology departments where the convenience of an adhesive slide saves the user time and money.

Ordering information: Slides are packaged 72 per box, 20 boxes per case (10 gross).