CryoPlus AutoFill Cryogenic Storage Systems, Thermo Scientific

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CryoPlus AutoFill Cryogenic Storage Systems, Thermo Scientific
Cryopreservation Systems
Our CryoPlus LN2 storage systems provide precise and accurate control over all parameters without complicated programming.

  • Microprocessor Control allows for precise liquid level control with more than 16 parameters and autofill system
  • Control panel is mounted on the top of the unit for convenient access and easy touchpad programming
  • Twenty-four tricolor LEDs continuously display actual liquid nitrogen level and high-level/low-level setpoints
  • Remote alarm contacts in-house remote alarms or connection to a Sensaphone® Telephone Dialing System
  • Keyed lock for security

Digital temperature display sensor is located under the lid. This indicates the highest temperature reading inside the tank.

The CryoPlus 1 model has 0.5 in. 45° flare, 4 ft. (1.2 m) flexible hose. The CryoPlus 2, 3 and 4 models come with 0.5 in. 45° flare, 6 ft. (1.8 m) flexible hoses.

Many optional accessories are available for these models. A complete offering of racks including vertical, square and arrowhead options to maximize storage space are available. Choose from cardboard, polycarbonate or stainlesssteel cryo boxes. The Sensaphone® Telephone Dialing System is available for added peace of mind. All accessories are Smart-Vue Remote Wireless Monitoring System Compatable: See 89496-814.

Storage capacities of up to 38,500 x 2 mL vials make the most of your laboratory storage space. Fast access to samples with large, piston-supported insulated lid.

Certifications: SFDA, cULus and CE

Ordering information: CryoPlus AutoFill Cryogenic Storage Systems are sold seperately. Optional racks, boxes, cell dividers, canisters, frames and risers allow you to create an organized/customized inventory system that provides optimum storage in liquid or vapor phase. Contact your sales representative for assistance in building the right storage configuration for your labs needs.

Caution: * Static evaporation rates are based on new container performance, no product load, styrofoam plug/lid and no lid openings. Actual working performance may vary with individual applications, ambient conditions and/or scale accuracy, excludes supply tank evaporation.