Biotix Microcentrifuge Tubes, Biotix

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Biotix Microcentrifuge Tubes, Biotix
Tubes Microcentrifuge Tubes
Biotix microcentrifuge tubes are manufactured with medical grade virgin polypropylene for superior clarity

  • Sizes include 0.65 mL, 1.5 mL, and 2.0 mL
  • Graduation marks for convenient reference and verification
  • Snapcaps click closed to ensure a non-leaking seal
  • Caps can be partially closed to make constant opening and closing with thumbs easy and secure
  • Available in low binding format for use with proteins and other high viscosity samples
  • Rigorously QC tested and certified free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxins (pyrogens)
  • Frosted exterior wall and cap enable easy marking for organization and identification

These snapcap tubes are leak-resistant, boil-proof, and able to withstand 20000 RCF.

Ordering information: Tubes that are available in assorted colors come in blue/yellow/green/orange/red, with each color individually packed.