Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes, 5mL, Argos Technologies

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Conical-Bottom Centrifuge Tubes, 5mL, Argos Technologies
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The Argos graduated 5mL prep tubes offer a convenient alternative to 15mL conical tubes for applications involving volumes less than 5mL

The 5mL prep tubes can withstand autoclaving to 120°C (248°F) for 15 minutes at 15psi, and are suitable for freezing to –90°C (–130°F). These tubes are certified Rnase-, Dnase-, and Pyrogen-free.

All tubes can be centrifuged in a FlexiFuge Mini Centrifuge, or in the same centrifuge rotor that spins standard 15mL tubes. Tubes are rated at speeds up to 14,000rpm. Easy to read graduations and a frosted marking area on the tube wall and cap are provided for sample identification.

For applications that require boiling or harsh chemicals, the T2075A CapSafe tube features a specially designed cap with a locking feature that securely snaps the tube shut. The CapSafe tube provides the same temperature range and certifications as the standard 5mL tubes.

These tubes are made of polypropylene.

The smaller tube size allows for only the pipet tip to be inserted into the tube, rather than the entire pipet barrel.