Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Tubes, 0.2mL, Simport Scientific

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Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Tubes, 0.2mL, Simport Scientific
Tubes PCR Tubes
Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Tubes are made of transparent superior grade polypropylene for improved viewing of the sample contents

Attached hinged caps are either dome or flat-topped. They provide positive sealing during thermal cycling and prevent evaporation. Caps can be easily opened and closed with one hand. Tubes are available with or without an integral shield that prevents contamination with surface of lid. A frosted writing surface is provided for sample identification. Autoclavable.

Ultra-thin wall design ensures rapid thermal transfer and significant reduction in cycle and PCR reaction time.

Certifications: Rnase-, Dnase-, Pyrogen-, and DNA-free.

Ordering information: Available in colorless or four non-cytotoxic colors. Packaged in tamper-proof, resealable safety-lock bags.