Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Strips, Simport Scientific

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Amplitube™ PCR Reaction Strips, Simport Scientific
Tubes PCR Tubes
PCR Reaction strips include 8 or 12 integral 0.2 ml tubes with ultra-thin sidewalls and bottoms to ensure uniform and efficient temperature transfer.

  • Autoclavable

Non-attached cap strips are available in a dome or flat top design to ensure a perfect closure during the whole thermal cycle. Cap strips are not included and must be ordered separately.

All strips are molded of polypropylene under the most stringent conditions and are offered colorless, or in four different color varieties.

They are more easily handled than single tubes, and will precisely fit standard well spacing. They can also be used with 8- and 12-channel hand-held pipettors.

Certifications: Certified RNase-, DNase-, Pyrogen-, and DNA-free.

Packaging: Packed in tamper-proof resealable bags.